Tales of the Mysterious and Macabre

Released Feb. 23, 2019


From the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, to distant places the world over, tales of horror, mystery and fascination abound in this collection. What happens when you look Death himself in the eyes? What spirits might lurk in the corn fields in the rural Appalachian Mountains? This collection answers those questions and more in a variety of tales that will terrify and inspire – and leave you wanting more.

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Released Aug. 5,


What strange creatures exist in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico? When the earth quakes and unleashes something the likes of which this world has never seen before, nothing will remain the same – and nothing will be safe.Follow the trail of destruction as the elusive creature makes its way from the ocean to the beach, where it finds a world that never saw it coming.

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The Reaper and other tales


Released Oct. 10, 2013

This collection of short stories and poems explores the deep recesses of the mind, making your heart race, bringing your soul to new heights and exposing you to your worst fears. From an end of the world narrative to a story about the very end of life, this collection leaves nothing unexplored and contains something everyone can enjoy.

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Featured Works


Released Dec. 8 2020

Moonlight cover alternate 2

Tyler Randolph is being plagued by nightmares of his father and a wolf-like beast with an incredible bloodlust. After moving to the Great Smoky Mountains, Tyler is trying to start his life over and explore new love, like a normal man would. When his nightmares reach an all new level his job, life, and new love will all be threatened by the creature that has haunted his sleeping visions. Tyler will be faced with challenges he never imagined as the creature becomes a terrifying reality and a face from his past resurfaces to disrupt everything. Can a reunion with his long lost father give Tyler the information he needs to change his fate and that of the woman he has fallen in love with? Blood will spill in the mountains as an ancient legend is brought into modern times to claim many lives, possibly even Tyler’s own.




Dead bodies are showing up more frequently in the small town of Maverip, and Sheriff Morgan Childress is working tirelessly on the case. When an ancient myth proves to be reality, can Morgan and her partner put an end to the murders once and for all and save the town? When the truth is revealed to the sergeant working on the case, Morgan’s secrets threaten to come out while shadows build in the woods around the town. Truth, lies, and mystery unravel as danger threatens to put an end to the town and it’s citizens if she can’t put aside her personal connection to the case and bring justice to those responsible before it’s too late.Exploring the origins of one of the most well-known legends in history, “Maverip” is a modern vampire novel with as many twists and turns as the rural back roads of its Virginia setting.


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Journey to the Winter Lands: Shadow Slayer Saga Number One

When shadows long thought vanquished return to Turadorsa, a warrior on his friends will have to go on a quest for the legendary Winter Lands to find a mysterious person or weapon their mentor only called “Bhaltair.”
The group will have to cross the country, leaving behind everything they’ve ever known, facing danger and magics they never imagined along the way. From trolls, giant spiders, ancient beasts, and the dangers of the frigid cold of the Winter Lands, their journey will be filled with peril. Chased by the shadows from the world’s past, will the group and those they encounter be able to find the mysterious “Bhaltair” before shadows consume the land once more?


Directly from me!