What Fans are Saying…

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“Even though this [Reservoir] is a short story it is a great read! Totally worth the money, I would definitely be willing to spend more on it or buy more stories from this author, recommended!” -Amazon Customer

“Very intriguing short story, good job!” -Jane Lewis






Great read ! I would like to read some longer material from this author.” -Danny Godbey

“I could not stop reading this! You are a great writer and I seriously can’t wait for more of your work. I know it says fiction, but some of that has to be real. It has to!! I would pay any amount for your work. I honestly feel cheated that it is this cheap. You are like the next Stephen King or something.” -Kevin Collins


“This is a great read from an up and coming author. Great storyline with evolving characters. Finished in a couple of days and cannot wait for the next one.” -Amazon Customer