The words are life

It is commonly said that many people don’t write because they want to, but because they have to. I know this feeling. That incredible sensation of an idea in your brain swelling, growing, writhing to be released. It is maddening at times, but unbelievably liberating at others. It is a feeling you would never forget if you’ve experienced it, and to many it is a feeling that tells you that you were truly meant to be an author. That isn’t to say that people who haven’t had the feeling aren’t meant to be one, not by a long shot. Every person’s inspiration is going to be different, just as most everyone’s style and writing itself is going to be different, so it only makes sense that the experience of writing itself would be different for everyone. That is one reason it is such a great thing to do. It is an amazing way to relieve stress and share your ideas, even if it is only with yourself. So my first message of inspiration stands as this; write. Just do it. Don’t question your methods, your inspiration, or your results. Just do it. Even if no one is ever going to get to see it. Do it for yourself. Don’t hesitate. If it comes to you let it out and relish in it. It is your creation, and it came to you for a reason. Don’t doubt it.

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