A Little Back Story

So far I have given a number of tips and what I hope to be helpful pointers, but tonight I think I will largely focus on giving a bit of my history with the craft of writing. First and foremost, I should express the fact that I have been writing pretty much my whole life, as I have been reading my whole life. That is a very important part of writing, I have found. You have to read. It is the easiest way to get involved with your topic, the easiest way to know how to make your work flow, the easiest way to build your own knowledge and interest, etc… But that isn’t exactly the point of this post.

As I said, I have written pretty much my whole life, but it was the summer before my junior year of High School that it hit me that writing is what I really want to do with my life. It was in those moments that I dedicated my life to my work as best I could. The real ideas began to flow and I was immersed in my work more than ever before. That is a real incredible feeling, let me tell you; having those ideas spring up and allowing them to take over. Of the novels I have started since then, only one is complete. It is the third one I started, and it took about three years to finish, and I love it. As of right now I am looking for a publisher and a good deal to get it out there in the world.

As for my other works, I currently have around 7 other novels in various stages of completion, one of which is a sequel to Maverip, my first completed work. I have a number of short stories completed, and have five publications so far, all in non-profit publications, one of which I have been made Managing Editor of due to my contributions.

The main point of this post was to share a bit more about myself and my work. Tomorrow’s post shall be a bit more informative again, I assure you. I think tomorrow I’ll talk a bit about inspiration; what it can be, where it can come from, and what to do with it. As always, I hope this has helped, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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