The Sanctity of Literature

I am the type of person who is very passionate about the things he cares about. In my opinion if something is worth spending time on, it is worth doing well and to the best of your ability. One of the things I am most passionate about in this life, aside from my girlfriend and my own work, is the art of literature. I believe that literature is one of the greatest gifts granted us by God Himself. It is a blessing to be able to enjoy and be a part of the world of literature, and we should all recognize that and treat it as such.

Literature is something that definitely should never be taken for granted, especially in today’s society. It is a fact that literature is one of the main reasons education has come as far as it has in the history of mankind, and it is with much chagrin I admit that we are in grave danger of that progress being eliminated thanks to the development of the very technology I am using to spread this message to you, oh loyal fans.The advanced development of computers, the internet, cell phones and other means of instant communication has lead to a vast degradation  of the confines and heights of education and literacy. Text messaging and ‘internet speak’ has lead to such a socially acceptable inability to properly spell words (or an acceptable reason to no longer care whether or not you can) and a horrible influx of all new abbreviations that some children are actually confused as to which is correct most of the time. For instance, take a six year old boy who has grown up seeing this abbreviated conundrum all around him and is asked to write a sentence using the word ‘you’. Being so young he is likely to remember having seen the letter ‘u’ used in such context all of his life and to think that is the proper way to use it. This is a real travesty and a true testament to the ruination of the English language that is consistently reinforced by our need to further develop our means of communication.

Literature should truly be cherished by all, not just by some. Books, poems, stories and even essays are truly some of the most important things on the face of this planet. They are all crucial to intelligence and education and must be upheld in the highest esteem in order to show our future generations not only where they come from, but places they should never go. Perhaps one day even this post, or a book that relates to its content will be in libraries everywhere and warn our children what they should avoid. We can only hope that literature and literacy will return to its proper place and importance in society and the world so that we can be as proud of our children as we would like them to be of us for fighting such ridiculous slaughter of intelligence. Books are one of the greatest legacies our forefathers and mothers left us, and they should be respected and recognized as such in every way. It drives me insane to hear people say that they hate to read or don’t see the point of reading, etc. Our brains need the exercise of the written word, and we need to continually recognize that. Literature is one of the greatest forms of art, and it is art that helps make this world the amazing place it is today. So pick up a book, teach a kid to read, type full words and cherish the true art of literature as we were meant to.

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