New Project and Free Stuff!

Here we go guys, first promo of the year; I’m offering my bestselling work “The Reaper and Other Tales” absolutely free! The deal starts Sunday morning at 8 A.M. and runs through Tuesday morning at this link;

But there’s more!! Anyone who reviews my work online will receive a free copy of my next published work as well! I know, it changes the contest I was running before, but I think this is better. Every single person who gives a review on my work will receive a copy of my next work absolutely free of charge!

In addition to this deal, I have started working on a couple of things (one of which is available for free). I made a Wattpad account and I’m using it to write a piece of Fanfiction to explore a new genre and present a sequel to one of my favorite movies. The movie, Near Dark, is one that everyone should watch and my sequel “Near Dawn” picks up ten years later and it is free to read on Wattpad;

Two more things for this post; A) there’s a new vlog up, so check it out!! and B) I updated my website today, so check that out, too!

Have a great day, I hope you enjoy all of my work. Feedback is always welcome!!

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