My First Worthy Poem

I thought I would give you all another sample of my writing today, this time of a different genre. I want to first say that I am not a poet by any means. This poem is merely a fluke, and it is one of two that I felt worthy to ever share with anyone. This poem was published in the literary journal Jimson Weed and has given me a lot of satisfaction and positive feedback. If any of you like this poem let me know and I will explain more about its origin and inspiration.



By Damean Mathews


I watch the wind blow through the trees

I hear the fairies’ footsteps playing on the breeze

I watch as the world spins beneath me

I watch from above; seeing all, being seen by none

I watch alone, apart from them, yet a part of all

I am all, I am none

Always watching, never touching

I am everything

I am nothing

One thought on “My First Worthy Poem

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