Get Your Name Out There

That is one of the most important things an author new to the game needs to have on the brain. Spread your name as far and wide as you possibly can in an attempt to find your audience. Success very rarely comes to those who do not try to find it, especially in today’s world. You must find a way to reach your audience if you hope to give them your work and make your name known.

So who is your audience? And more importantly; where are they? Those are two questions you must be able to answer for yourself, and they are questions you should attempt to answer before you even try to put your work out. You have to know where to look to find the people who will truly appreciate your work. Just as much as you have to know what you are comfortable writing, you have to know who is going to be comfortable reading it. For instance it probably would not be the wisest choice to advertise a book about the occult on a church website or forum. You must be able to target groups of people who would at least be likely to enjoy your work. And it wouldn’t hurt to find people who can help spread that work to others who would like it as well; thus you have begun to build your fan base.

That is a huge part of this business. The fans are really everything. Not only are they the ones we write for most of the time, but they are our very life. It has been said that an artist, in the end , is only as good as his worst piece, so it really behooves the artist to find his muse and his audience, doesn’t it?

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