I have to apologize for my absence of late. I have been working hard at my research and trying to regain the full level of my inspiration by immersing myself in all things vampire. I have been reading Dracula and preparing to read its sequel and looking over legends and myths that give me the true essence of my work. In addition to this, I am looking very hard for a publishing deal and all of the required additions to put my first novel Maverip on the market and make it available to you all. I’m currently considering trying my hand at self-publishing/e publishing one of my early short stories, and if I do I will be sharing that link with you all on every venue I have. I hope you all can relate to my dedication to my work, and I hope you all understand. I’d love to hear from every reader to see how their work is going, how this blog has or has not helped, or anything else you would like to say. I promise to post more helpful tips as soon as possible, and I thank you all for bearing with me through my obsession. More is definitely coming soon, and I again welcome every bit of feedback you are willing to give. Thanks,


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