What do you want?

Last night I was having a typical scroll through social media when I stumbled upon a question that got me thinking a lot about my work. It was a simple enough post from a publishing group I follow, but it held a weight that I hadn’t let myself feel in quite some time. It asked “what is the biggest goal you want to achieve as a writer?”

You know, typical question people often ask writers, especially ones who are just jumping into the game. Most of the time we have a typical answer to go with it. I want to get my book published. I want to break through writers block. I want to write a bestseller. And, of course, those answers came to me, too. But my brain refused to stop there. As you all know, I love literature. I read almost constantly and have been having a very sordid affair with the greater world catalogue for my entire life. To say the written word is my passion would be a hopeless understatement. It is part of the very fabric of my being, as God meant it to be, and I love every minute of it. So could I really be satisfied with such generic answers to such a pregnant question? Of course not.

The ideas ran faster than ever as I sat down and really thought about it. What do I want out of my writing? What is my biggest and most hopeful goal? Sure, I want that bestseller. I want to have my book sold in local bookstores. I want people I know to see my book and be able to buy my work with memories of me in mind. I want to have unique and interesting books. But it goes so much deeper. After I thought about it the answer flowed easily. I want to be great.

I want people to feel my work. I want it to stand the test of time and change the world. I want to build on the face of literature like the greats of past generations and tear asunder the ideas of stagnance and convenience. I want, in essence, to be truly great. After all, if we cant be great, what’s the point?

This realization, although admittedly daunting, is also immensely liberating. I have, once again, come to terms with my purpose, my desire, the very reason I wake up in the morning. I will stop at nothing to achieve my goals and realize my dreams. They wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t make it happen, right? Right.

So the journey goes on. I’ve entered what I hope to be the final content edit for Maverip before I hit agents with my queries, and I’ve found my second wind. I will make it happen, and I’ll take you all along for the ride.

But now I want to know what you guys think. What does this question mean to you? Let’s not even just limit it to writing. I know some of you are painters, musicians, and artists of various caliber and medium, so apply it to yourself. What is the biggest thing you want from your craft? Is is an idea of greatness? Is it just to overcome that next big project? What are your goals? But more importantly, what are your dreams? Never limit yourself. Let yourself dream. But, I could speak on that for hours. In the meantime, let me know what you think, what you dream. Leave me comments or shoot me messages. And, no matter what comes up, never let your dreams die. Fight for them tooth and nail. I know I am.

3 thoughts on “What do you want?

  1. I for one salute your ambition Damean. If you want that, you go for it. I wish you all the very best. There will be much hard much, there will stumbles and let-downs, but you just keep-on-keeping on! I recently wrote on my blog that writers need a smidge of arrogance to help them on their way, much the same as a ‘pinch’ of salt in cooking. There is nothing wrong with a ‘smidge’, it adds flavour.
    For me. I am a bit of a writing hobo. Sure I love to write and I have three kindle books on Amazon under the name of R J Llewellyn; two comic and one light-fantasy. They are not doing very well at present because I am not marketing or contacting agents and all the things which should be done, so no one to blame but me. Someday that part of the writing process might click; it would be nice, for I am an entertainer in writing terms, if folk enjoy the books, mission accomplished.
    But back to you….give it your best shot and never, ever give up. You can do it. Keep on keeping on!
    Best wishes

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    • Thank you, Roger! Glad to hear from you again. I appreciate the support and I plan to push as hard as I possibly can. It’s hard to find the needed motivation at times, but it has to happen. I find it hard to market myself as much as I should, too, so I completely understand. Maybe a touch of arrogance is just the kick I need to get over the rough patches, eh? Thanks again, my friend.


      • You’re welcome Damean.
        Just that smidge to flavour the mix.
        And forge ahead.
        I’ve been at this ‘thing’ for about 50 years in one form or another and I’m finally getting into my stride.
        Don’t be scared off by that; most of that time was spent without the benefits of the ‘net and computers which have been a great help to budding authors.
        Strive on


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