Spring Renewal

I was talking to my wife this morning about how blessed we have been and about the changes coming on us in a week or so and it hit me just how monumental the months of April and May have been for us these last three years. The blessings we are experiencing now have come to us in various forms during the spring and early summer for a few years now, and we couldn’t thank God enough for the opportunities He has given us. In 2014 she and I got our first apartment together (a studio apartment that, despite its minuscule size, was exactly what we needed at the time, and started a new phase of our lives that has brought us both immense joy. While living together the two of us have grown even closer, and I fully believe that living together while we were engaged helped us adjust very easily and avoid the shock of moving in together after marriage.

Last year, 2015, changed our lives in another positive way. My wife and I graduated from our university with Bachelor’s Degrees and a world full of potential. This experience was slightly bittersweet, seeing as how we owe our Alma Mater so much. While there we learned skills that have helped us beyond measure, were introduced to people who have become some of our best friends, and found books and other works of art that have had profound impacts on us (and my writing). We visited campus again today to speak with some of our former professors and it hit us both again just how much we miss the place, not necessarily for the work or the classes, but for the environment that I don’t think either of us will ever forget. I wholeheartedly believe that the environment of a liberal arts college is one that can’t be beat and is one of the most welcoming of all – but that’s a post for another time.

Finally, keeping up with the changes that Spring brings my family and I we come to the fact that one week from today (on my birthday I might add) I will be starting my new job, the next phase of my life. In addition to just changing professions, we plan on moving to a different location, which is only going to add to our excitement (and perhaps a little to our stress during the moving process – I HATE packing). But we couldn’t be more thrilled with the possibilities ahead of us! Also, as a special note for my wife and anyone else who knows me; May of 2013 saw the release of Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby, just a month after I presented a paper at two undergraduate research conferences on the book (which just happens to be my absolute favorite!).

If the future continues to have such (hopefully good) profound and excellent bits of change and renewal for my family and I, then things should definitely remain exciting for us! So what about you guys? Have you found yourselves in the middle of great changes or on the receiving end of great blessings in the months of April and May, or during the time of Spring and early Summer? If so, feel free to leave details of your experiences below or message me with the details!


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