Preparing for dystopia

The world has certainly kept turning since January 20. But that’s really the only way we can say it. Global citizens have watched, many in unabashed horror, as the new leader of the free world has stomped on countless toes and attempted to create little more than an industrial, alienating wasteland of our once-great country. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the U.S.. I still see that, as a citizen of the United States I have countless opportunities to see and explore the world in ways others may not, and I fully respect the great country I live in. But the danger is here nonetheless.

Just in the last month we have heard about how certain people should be banned (but not banned) from the country, we’ve heard that actually counting the heads of those present to get a number is clearly a dated practice that doesn’t mean anything, we’ve heard how large a threat grizzly bears pose to the public school system, and we’ve realized that some people think an industrial pipeline is more important than preserving the resting place of the dead. And that’s just the drop of the hat.

I have kept my over-sized nose out of the discussions of politics that are rampant on every form of news and social media available, but I do want to share my very real concern for how much worse things may realistically end up getting before they get better.

Just today I’ve been seeing the news of an overturned regulation that now allows coal mines in my region to once more dump their waste into streams. This particular practice has led to filthy, sulfurous, uninhabitable water for a good portion of my area. The repercussions of this practice have only recently started to see a reversal. I honestly fear what problems may start to arise from these things alone. I look to the future and, sometimes, I find myself unable to see little more than a ruined, smoking hole in the ground that is not unlike the disaster showed us at the climax of countless apocalyptic movies. But, (and on a much less serious note)it would appear Mother Nature has also picked up on the problem and is working to rectify the situation.

Thousands of people in my region have been hit by a severe strain of the flu this week, leading to around a dozen counties in my neck of the woods going so far as to cancel school for multiple days in an attempt to slow the spread of the illness. I hope I’m not the only one who sees the truth here. We are now entering the real-life culmination of the events in Stephen King’s “The Stand” – and our new president is Randall Flagg.

What other explanation is there? He walks out, looking somehow less than human, feeding off of human suffering and strife, turning as many people as possible against one another, while the rest of the people around him are fighting a severe version of the flu that medicine doesn’t seem to be able to help. Schools are closing, streets are filling with people shouting for change and help, hospitals are being overrun …. My only question now is; where is Mother Abigail when we need her? Who else is going to throw down the Walkin’ Dude and bring us back to a moderate form of social peace? Or, if that can’t happen, where is Roland, who will stop the fall of the tower and bring order back to the realms. Shout out to those of you get the interconnected references of a King fiend here.

In all seriousness, though. There are some administrative decisions being made by “those in charge” that are going to continue to cause problems for those of us who, like Atlas, are left holding up the rest of the world. Wow, that was pathetically conceited and hopelessly deep. I’m in a league of my own today, huh? Basically I just wanted to share that the world is slipping into rough shape, but that we can still survive and use humor to get through life. Most importantly, we can compare the real-life horror story that surrounds us to literature and find true peace to comfort us as the world burns!

I’ve shared my own ideas of the lack of existence of true democracy many times, so none of you really need to hear that again, I’m sure. So the question of the day must be; what book are you reading now? What fictional world are you pushing your consciousness into in order to escape the harsh mundane reality of everyday life? And, more importantly, what’s next?! I hope all is well for everyone here, and I hope I’ve at least brought a smile to a few faces. Keep reading, writing, watching movies and enjoying the world while we have the chance. My review of Thirteen Reasons Why will go up next week and then I’ll be ton the lookout for the next big review, so send me your ideas and let me know what we should read. Have a good February, a good weekend, and make sure to take advantage of any half-priced candy you see!


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5 thoughts on “Preparing for dystopia

  1. Trump as Randall Flagg is a rather unnerving thought! Although doesn’t it almost feel a little Leland Gaunt-ish at the moment, if on a grander scale?

    Great post – I agree that humour and compassion will always be what gets us through tough times. Hope you avoid that flu!


    • I would definitely have to agree there. Either way, there is an air of heavy uncertainty floating around the man. Then again, maybe we should just try throwing some water on him…
      Thanks!I’m doing all I can to avoid it, that’s for sure.

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  2. A most perceptive and thoughtful post, right from the heart of the USA.
    Although posting from the UK I can understand your fears and concerns. Somewhere along our own way a large number of the voting population seemed to conclude that we were still ‘Great Britain’ and despite the facts that
    (A) We have no merchant fleets of our own to speak of
    (B) That our economy relies of the very ephemeral financial markets
    (C) A sizeable proportion of our industries &, utilities are foreign owned.
    (D) We have to get other countries to fund large projects
    (E) One big bit of the UK (ie Scotland) does not want to ‘Brexit’.
    So all we need to do to ship out everyone who is not of a pale skin or an indigenous accent and all will be absolutely wonderful.
    I very rarely watch or read the news because I usually end up muttering ‘idiots’, ‘saw that coming’, ‘what you’ve only just worked that out???’.
    I worry for both our collections of peoples. I have a notion that the USA could fragment into a loose federation of quite separate nations, probably in a constitutional-legalistic fashion. The UK I believe is destined to fall to one of the great forces of History, ie Once Powerful nations becoming adjuncts of other powers.
    Currently my reading matter is either Graphic Novels (Imagine & DC), a few select military histories and the re-editing of my own fantasy novel (at least that’s my own world).
    And what can we all do? Do our best to try and keep Compassion, Tolerance and Respect alive.


    • I agree completely. We both may have to deal with a lot of craziness brought on by our fellow countrymen before long. Hopefully we will be able to weed through the particularly smelly ‘news’ and find the truth. Unfortunately, even working in the newspaper business, we still occasionally get hit with an especially fishy bit of information. But we beat on, right? I’ve been reading a bit of dystopian work in my spare time while waiting on the day to select the next big read for my book club. So far the book club endeavor has been enjoyable, if a little dry on the interaction front. But, we make do with what we are given and try to make our own little section of the world a bit more bearable. Thanks for commenting!

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      • You’re welcome. I always enjoy reading your posts.
        Truth can be most ephemeral and folk tend to latch onto bits which suit them. Some ‘Histories’ can also be selective.
        I’m currently working on a project which is a history of the British and Irish Isles which lampoons this style (It’s an antidote to our own Brexit event)

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