How Will I Be Remembered?

That is a question I’m sure a lot of us have asked ourselves at least once. When you are an artist of any sort your biggest goal is to be remembered for the works you produce, the pieces you have given to the world through the haze of your own blood, sweat and tears. For others it may be a simpler answer. Maybe you want to be remembered for standing up for the rights of someone who couldn’t stand up for themselves, or for building the congregation to the most successful church in the state, or even something as simple as having the best peach cobbler this side of the Mississippi. Whatever your goal, it is yours. It is important to you. And that makes it important. That means you will usually do whatever it takes to make it happen, right? Of course. So my question for all of you is this; what do you want to be remembered for? When someone, be it family and friends or a complete stranger, thinks of you what do you want them to envision? I implore you to seek out that answer, make sure you understand it yourself and decide what the best way to make it happen is and post it below. I’m not asking for a play-by-play of the next twenty years of your life, but a standard goal and a brief method of ensuring you see success in that endeavor, if for no other reason than because writing it down will give it substance. It will make it seem much more real than just letting it float around in your head – and it may even give you motivation to take the first step, which is always the hardest, and make an effort to bring your future into the present. Who knows, you may even meet someone in the comments who can be of great help to you in the process. So sit back and think for a few moments on what you would like to be remembered for, post it in the comments and then, of course, go make it happen!

That being said, personally something I would generally like to be remembered for is my writing. If that is too vague, one thing I specifically would like to be remembered for is my version of the vampire legend. I want people to think of me and put me in the same rank as Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, among others. I want to know that my ideas didn’t fall dead, and that they are actually being embraced by those who read them. I feel like if at least one person can look at my work in this light then I have succeeded. That’s me, guys. Now let’s hear about all of you!


15 thoughts on “How Will I Be Remembered?

  1. Not to sound too depressing, but my cat died recently and so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about death, life, legacies, and the like. As cliche as it sounds, I hope I am remembered as being a good person.. but I am also hoping that I live long enough to do something career-wise worth remembering. I’m not talking about in my 9-5 job… I am hoping that I will be able to fully live my passion (food & cooking) and make something of it. My blog is hopefully a good start 😉

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    • I’m sorry for your loss. I know what that can do. I recently lost my dog of about 12 years. It’s rough sometimes. But that was an excellent answer! If you’re truly passionate about it, you will definitely make it happen!


  2. Very interesting post, reaching out in all sorts of directions.
    And….Broadly having a similar conversation with my wife this morning. From the writing aspect, the way it seems to me is that once you have written, recorded words and secured your words be it onto paper or the cyber-world, then they are part of History; waiting there to be discovered at some stage. Thus we ‘belong to the ages’.
    As for personally; reaching 65 and guessing that mortality in somewhere in the visible future I have my family to remember me; that’ll do nicely.
    (And my own personal beliefs are that this life is only one episode……so…….more to be discovered)

    Best wishes with your own journey

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    • Very excellent and philosophical! I think that kind of plays into the old adage that if a writer falls in love with you you’ll never truly die. It makes a lot of sense. I like to think that, no matter what happens, someone somewhere at some point will be able to draw something worthwhile from something I’ve written. Somewhat vague and ambiguous, but the thought does help in those long, dark “woe is me” spells.

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      • Thank you for your comment
        I agree completely with your sentiments
        We never know what will resonate down the years.
        Keep writing, never give up. ‘Pass it on down the line’ (as it were)
        Best wishes.

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  3. This is an excellent question. There was a time when I felt it was important to be remembered as a writer and I still hope that something of my work will remain as a legacy when I pass. But now I hope that if I’m remembered at all, it will be as a man who always tried to be the best possible person in the moment.

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    • That is a very excellent answer. A lot of people don’t really think about how their presence and attitude will reflect on them in the memories of those they leave behind, but I think it is very important. I hope people will remember me a kind, fun loving person who is always willing to do anything to help people.

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      • I think that if we’re lucky our worst fears about aging when we were young turn out to be false.

        The beauty of the mind is that IT only gets better as we age.

        I don’t think that people will remember me as fun loving although I like to think that I am…:)

        I think passionate is something they might say…


      • I agree wholeheartedly. Fortunately as we age we see that, rather than being the slow and agonizing descent into the grave, it is merely another stage of life. I like to think people recognize my passion and will remember that, as well. Passion, some say, is one of the biggest things that separates us from the rest of creation.

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  4. This got me thinking. Sometimes we are remembered for the thing that we least expect. My sister very recently passed away. All her life, she dreamed of becoming a famous artist- a singer, a designer, a photographer. She pursued all these activities, but it was through her freelance language teaching that she touched many people. As a teacher, she changed her students’ lives for the better. One of them told me that without her, he would’ve never learned Spanish, and he is now living in Spain and is going to marry there. Another of my sister’s students told me she coached her through her English examinations, which she passed, and now she’s made her home in Australia. And I’ve collected many more such stories. My sister never did think of her teaching gig as something that would go down in history, but it turns out that’s how people will always remember her.

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    • That’s an excellent way to be remembered as well! So often we tend to look at one thing we would like to be remembered for (a record we have set, a book or painting we created from scratch or the car we drive) without realizing that we have done something else that literally changes lives. I’m sure those stories really made you feel amazing after your loss, too. It’s good to have that knowledge, to know that your sister will always be remembered and that there are people who have better lives because of her actions.


  5. Your article is thought provoking.

    I’m reminded of my father, who died of cancer about a year and a half ago. He was a quiet and unassuming man on the surface, but was highly regarded in his areas of interest and profession. His life epitomized “Let my works speak for me”, which is the epitaph my siblings and I agreed represents him to a T.

    For myself, I would like to be remembered both for my writing and for my social impact. I should put considerably more effort into both of them. Thanks for the impetus!

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    • Thank you for sharing! It definitely sounds like you’ve got a handle on exactly what your plans are, and that is always the best way to start!


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